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Under The Radar Games That You Should Play!

This app is the Swiss Army Knife of board and party games...

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Review for Gamer's Army Knife by gameskeys.net

Kid-Key-Lock Locks Your Keyboard and Mouse in Degrees.

If you've longed for more flexibility than the simple on/off method most input control/tyke-blocker programs offer, Kid-Key-Lock gives you finer control over keyboard and mouse use... read more

Review by Jason Fitzpatrick, Lifehacker.com

How to lock your keyboard and mouse

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Video tutorial #84 by geektechtutorial, on youtube.

Cool, useful, fun freebie: Make your computer kid-proof...

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The Kim Komando Show

Protect your PC from prying fingers!

If you have kids running around while your PC is turned on, a good way to keep your system safe is with a key lock. Kid-Key-Lock is a simple application you can run to lock specific keyboard or mouse commands, and choose a release password... read more

Review by John Riggal, Softonic

Sometimes, pressing the wrong key can inadvertently cause damage to your work. To prevent, so it is better to have a tool like Kid-Key-Lock.... read more

Editor's Review at Kioskea.net

Kid Key Lock : A simple program to lock specific keyboard and mouse functions

Kid-Key-Lock application was designed to be a simple program to lock specific keyboard and mouse functions... read more

Review by JIJIBISHA - The Desire To Live, on facebook

lock mouse button and keyboard keys

Kid-Key-Lock is a simple but effective program to prevent small children from accidentally deleting files or changing system settings while they are using your computer.... read more

Editor's review at snapfiles.com

If you got little men or women running around in the house you are used to all strange things that can happen to your computer system if you do not pay attention... read more

Editor's review at ghacks.net

2 Great Keyboard and Mouse Locking Programs

...I have used this software extensively, and it has saved me on more than once. The software is extremely small, needs very little memory and does not slow down the system. It has individual controls for blocking specific buttons of the mouse and like Toddler, it requires a password to unlock. Another feature of Kid Key lock is that it can be added to the startup items list...

Verdict: Finally, I would say that while Kid Key Lock is good and does what we want with efficiency, Toddler is another prospective alternative and is worth a try. I will still personally stick to using Kid Key Lock... read more

Comparative review by Chinmoy Kanjilal, lostintechnology.com

Lock your Keyboard & Mouse to secure your PC

...Rather that locking up your Windows PC, you can now simply lock the keyboard and mouse!... read more

Review by AnandK, thewindowsclub.com

Kid Key Lock | Save your Important Data from kids

If you have a headache with this that your children might create problem with your computer important data and as a result your data may loss. Surely you don’t want this.You don’t need to take tension any more because now you can lock key board and mouse with this Software... read more

Review by Mohsin Nazeer, chillinside.com

How To Lock/Unlock Keyboard Keys Or Mouse Buttons Easily

What’s the point of locking keyboard keys or mouse buttons? It’s the first question that comes to mind. If you are using a wheel mouse like me, you will know that there is a middle button. I have pressed this button thousand of times by mistake while scrolling down webpages, so I need to disable it in some way. Kid-Key-Lock is a simple free program that lets you lock keyboard and mouse functions easily... read more

Review by Ghaus Iftikhar Nakodari, addictivetips.com

3 Ways To Lock Your Keyboard & Mouse And Keep Your Computer Safe From Unwanted Guests

While generally aimed at keeping your computer safe from kids (as the name suggests), Kid-Key-Lock can be useful in any number of scenarios. Using Kid-Key-Lock, you can lock just your left mouse button, just the right button, just the wheel and the left and so on. You can choose any combination you wish. There are also several options for locking the keyboard, such as locking only system combinations (ctrl, alt, win combinations),... read more

Comparative review by Yaara Lancet, makeuseof.com

Kid Key Lock - keep kids' (and pets') hands away from your computer

Kid Key Lock is a freeware which allows you to disable keyboard and/or mouse functions. You can choose to disable all keys, or choose only specific system commands. You can also disable different mouse keys, as well as the usage of all mouse & keyboard inputs... read more

Review by Hailey, frostclick.com

Lock your keyboard and mouse with Kid-Key-Lock

Sometime ago we brought you a program called CD/DVD Drive Locker that locks down the optical drive to keep it away from kids with restless fingers. But hey, we forgot about the keyboard and mouse. Aren’t those 108 keys equally tempting? It does wonderful things to the machine and even draw figures on the screen. So how do you keep your kids away from pressing the cancel button when you are at 99% installing some software? Simple, by using Kid-Key-Lock... read more

Review by Kaushik, instantfundas.com

Lock Keyboard Keys and Mouse Buttons with Kid Key Lock

It can sometimes be dangerous to have kids using your computer, be it to play games or to surf the internet. Without proper supervision, your kids may accidentally hit the wrong key or mouse button. For example, you can end up losing your important files, thanks to your son for pressing the delete button. Kid Key Lock is a free and lightweight Windows application that enables you to lock/disable specific keyboard keys and mouse buttons... read more

Review by Steve Yu, http://mytechquest.com

Lock Your Keyboard and Mouse

If you've got a computer that you don't have to share with your kids, then you may not be interested in Kid-Key-Lock. After all, you don't have to worry about them trashing that important report you're working on for the office, or killing your budget spreadsheet. If that's not you, however, read on... read more

Editor review at freedownloadaday.com (download of day for October 20th, 2011)

Lock Your Keyboard Or Some Mouse Functions

Kid-Key-Lock is special program for locking your keyboard and mouse functioning. Kid-Key-Lock will help you in avoiding any harm use of it by any child. also Kid-Key-Lock can prevent you from accidentally pressing unwanted buttons on your keyboard and mouse. When this application runs in your PC an indicator icon will appears on your PC home-screen. This program is well tested for Windows XP... read more

Editor review at http://1download1.com

Lock Keyboard and Mouse Buttons To Avoid Accidental Click

While making a financial transaction on secured webpage, you don’t want any accidental click on ‘back’ button. Or the most probable click on mouse middle button may cause your long read document scroll which you don’t want to. In these cases, you want some shortcut to lock keyboard keys or mouse buttons or wheel temporarily. Even while watching a movie on computer screen in full screen mode, we don’t want any accidental click by a friend or kids playing around... read more

Editor review at clickonf5.com

How To Lock KeyBoard and Mouse Buttons, and Unlock Using Password

If you are very concerned about the data on your workstation while your away for a while, you can definitely just lock it but the user can can tryout passwords or just reset the system and try an alternate method.Or incase you are working from home and don’t want children at home to accidentally press “Del” key, Close the Windows etc., Few days back I’ve shared Block Input – that let users lock the input devices (keyboard and mouse) for a limited time, but incase you don’t return to your workstation within that time the system is open to compromise... read more

Review by Avinash, techyard.net

Kid Key Lock prevents accidental keyboard, mouse input

Accidentally hitting the wrong key or mouse button at the wrong time can be a giant pain in the butt - for example, when it causes you to tab out of your favorite FPS just as you were about to pull off a sweet headshot. It's annoying for kids as well. I can't count how many times I've been watching my son accidentally bump a button and cause his Flash-based game to lose focus. read more

Review by Lee Mathews, switched.com

Kid Key Lock Controls What Your Kids Can Or Can Not Click

Kid-key-lock is a free application that lets you control what your kids can or can not click. There are instances when children accidentally delete extremely important files or folders. To prevent such mishaps, it is best to prevent kids from accessing keys and mouse-clicks that can have serious consequences. This application provides a handy solution, disallowing users from accessing the right-click context menu, system key combinations and more... read more

Review by Rizwan, addictivetips.com

Probably the Best Free Security List in the World

ShellNewHandler, Free Internet Window Washer, Marxio Timer, Kid-Key-Lock, Restoration, RunInsideLimitedJob, LoadDLLViaAppInit, HeapLocker, USBVirusScan, SG Security Scan, ShareWatch, Pocket UnZip, Win32 Console ToolBox, IP Chicken, Google, Preferences Monitor, AccessChk, Dark Elevator, File Backup Terminology read more

List at techsupportalert.com, Updated list of 21-10-2011

5 ways to temporarily lock your mouse, keyboard and computer

2. Kid-Key-Lock is a program that locks specific keyboard and mouse functions to prevent toddlers from accidentally pressing unwanted buttons on your keyboard and mouse. Kid-Key-Lock can be accessed from the system tray and all lock-up options are readily accessible from a pop-up menu... read more

Comparative review by Kaushik, instantfundas.com

How to Lock Your Computer’s Mouse and Keyboard

There are a lot of ways to lock your computer and forbid/prevent users from accessing your private data stored in your PC. You may want to read these articles on how to Lock your computer with Blue Lock, How to restrict access to programs in Windows Vista, How to constantly monitor files on your computer, How to encrypt and password-protect your files. However, if you think that all these solutions are not sufficient for you and your safety, here is a free app to lock your computer’s mouse and keyboard and definitely forbid users from performing any action on your PC! Kid-Key-Lock is a neat, free application which prevents toddlers from accidentally pressing unwanted buttons and key-combinations on your keyboard and mouse... read more

Editor review at webtlk.com

5 Windows Apps to Quickly Disable Stuff

3. Disable the keyboard with Kid Key Lock. Kid Lock disables standard and special keys on your keyboard and mouse buttons. Pretty useful when you’re going to clean your keyboard or if you have kids or pets in your home. The program runs from the system tray. read more

Review by Shankar Ganesh, techie-buzz.com

100dof Wallpaper Rotator Switches Backgrounds at Boot-Up

Windows only: If you like mixing up your desktop wallpaper, but not enough to keep a dedicated application running and chewing up system resources, 100dof Wallpaper Rotator will shuffle your wallpaper at boot time. You pick the directory of images... read more

Review by Jason Fitzpatrick, lifehacker.com

... Ansonsten macht sich KidKeyLock aber als Tippverhinderer nicht nur für Eltern, sondern auch für Katzenbesitzer durchaus nützlich. read more

Editorial Review by freeware.de

Kid-Key-Lock là một tiện ích nhỏ cho phép bạn ngăn chặn việc sử dụng bàn phím và chuột của máy tính. Phần mềm có thể giúp ngăn ngừa người khác sử dụng trái phép máy tính của bạn, giúp các bậc phụ huynh bảo vệ máy tính khỏi sự nghịch phá của các con. read more (article in Vietnamese)

Editorial Review by Taimienphi.vn