Morse Notifier is an Android app which can be used to announce incoming calls. SMS messages and a variety of system events (battery status, WiFi connection status, etc) and app notifications using Morse code.

Morse notifier is very handy for people than often find themselves in situations where they cannot use their hands to pick up the phone, to check a notification or to read an incoming SMS message (e.g when they are driving). Morse notifier is also ideal for visually impaired people that find it difficult to read text on their devices. Last but not least, Morse Notifier is a great tool to motivate you and to assist you to learn CW!

The list below highlights some of the most important features of Morse Notifier:

  • Morse code is played using sound, phone vibration, or both.
  • CW speed can be customized. Additional options for Farnworth's spacing.
  • Audio tone frequency, volume and shape can be customized.
  • Notification texts can be customized differently for each type of event.
  • Incoming call and SMS notifications can be configured to contain the contact name, the phone number, the last three digits of the phone number and/or any other arbitrary text.
  • Incoming SMS notifications can also be configured to include the actual message body.
  • The notification text can also be displayed, while played, in text and Morse code in a notification window (ideal for learning Morse code).
  • All notifications can be easily stopped while played using the volume keys of your device.
  • Supports a customizable CW hourly chime.
  • Supports custom reminders in CW.
  • Supports notifications from arbitrary apps (facebook, hangouts, whatsapp, viber and gmail).
  • No advertisements, no hidden features, no limitations of any kind.


Download/Install the latest version

Unfortunately, Morse Notifier is no longer available on Google Play Store due to not being compliant with the latest Google Play Policies (see next section for the explanation). However, the latest version (v 3.0.3) of Morse Notifier Pro is now free and can be downloaded as an apk file and installed manually using the following link:

The users manual can ve downloaded from the following link:

Why is Morse Notifier no longer available on Google Play Store? Will there be a new version? Why is Morse Notifier now a free app?

Since the last update of Morse Notifier (autumn 2018), three important Google policy updates have taken place:

First, Google has updated its policy regarding which apps are allowed to access the phone's call log and SMS data and which not. According to the new policy (effective January 2019), apps that provide ``SMS or Phone Notification, Alert, and Management'' (i.e. apps like Morse Nofifier) are no longer allowed to access the call log and SMS data. Older apps continue to work, but cannot be distributed via the play store.

Second, apps targeting Android 8.0 or higher can no longer receive notifications by the Android operating system for events like "power connected", ``Power disconnected'', ``Battery low'', ``WiFi connected'', etc. This affects the "System notifications" option of Morse Notifier. Similarly with the above, for compatibility reasons, the above restriction does not apply to older apps, i.e. apps compiled to target older versions of Android. However, these apps cannot be distributed via the Goolge Play Store.

Third, newer smart-phones with Android 8.0 and Android 9.0, for power saving reasons, are more selective when they need to wake up from very deep sleep (dose mode) in order to deliver alerts. A newer version of Morse Notifier, would inevitably have to address this issue which would mean some major modifications in the way it operates and possible incompatibility with older smart-phones. Fortunately, for compatibility reasons, apps compiled with older versions of Android in mind, continue to work for now, but they cannot be updated on the Play Store.

Given the above three constraints, the only thing that can be done is to pause the development and leave Morse Notifier as it is. Every attemt to continue its development will result in the removal of important functionality. To honour the old (...) users of Morse Notifier, and especially the ones that have bought the pro version and who, unfortunately, can no longer download/re-install the app they have bought from the Play Store, the pro version is now offered as an apk download from my website. This means that it is now a free app, available for everyone to download and use.

Morse Notifier, regardless the way it is distributed, is still absolutely safe to download and install and, to my knowledge, it currently (January 2019) works as intended on all Android versions.

Disclaimer by the author

The author, of this software accepts no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of this product and makes no warranty or representation, either express or implied, including but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This software is provided "AS IS", and you, its user, assume all risks when using it.

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